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Modern Interior Design




Shadow Educational Trust Presents (SIID) - Shadow Institute Of Interior Designer, Which is launching a 1-year professional program in interior design & decoration, SIId aims to produce the best interior designers in the Market.

What will you get from the institute?

  • The very fact that you are reading these desire to acquire add on Skills & update your knowledge.

  • The institute will provide you opportunities for Learning under professional experts. 

  • Carrying out useful practical exercise.

  • Pretending you installed reach through Discussion Seminar & Field visits


     In-Spite the known mindset of people regarding the career in design, SHADOW EDUCATIONAL TRUST established this Institution, the only place where one can get guidance for what to do and now to do from time to time to make their dreams come true.

    We are embarking on a journey in the coming years, making together, we all must become part of creating a new designer's for this new century, a century with challenges in various fields and only through the cooperation of design, art & aesthetics we can develop the creative solutions that will bring a bright future.

To date, SHADOW has always fulfilled its promise of making its student's future evergreen by providing then with skills.

      We invite everybody to come and be a part of us SIID team, imparts the best quality education and emerge as a top-level versatile designer.

    We appeal to all out students of IDD to make a mark in the profession, guide the novices of the institute, and make share that “SIID-IDD” continues to be a “Brand” to reckon with.


    Welcome and all the best.

Image by Domenico Loia


Opening creative minds identifying the areas of Possible employment, designing appropriate training program & implement them in the most.


We see our institute as a provider of quality education to make students employable & self earning individuals.

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